Loveless Media


Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Our mission is to create an easy way for business and companies to promote themselves as accurately as possible, so to create a well established brand thats easily recognised and upholds the best of reputations.

We aim to take all of the inconveniences away from you reaching your new clients.

We keep things simple and we get the job done.


Meet the team

Rome 2018

Rome 2018


Robbie Loveless

After leaving school in 2015, Robbie joined the Military Preparation College Portsmouth where he trained for 2 years before joining the Royal Marines. He was later medically discharged during training and therefore decided to start up Loveless Media. He spent his I.C.T lesson time, in school, teaching himself photoshop and Final Cut which are the main programmes he uses to this day. His background in photography and videography are also self taught as they've been a hobby of his for the past 8 years. His business knowledge comes from his level 2 qualification in the institute of leadership and management (ILM) which he completed in his own time side by side with his GCSE's.

Skill Set

  • Design

  • Photography

  • Business

  • Marketing